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Why Patience is the Key when in comes to achieving your various Goals through investments made!

It is never easy For those of you who follow financial media would have been aware of China scare, commodity crash, market corrections etc. People listen more to financial media when going gets tough. Financial media amply your fear during such times. The more you listen to media, the frequently you keep checking your portfolio; it makes it difficult not to react. Reactions during such times cause irreversible damage to one’s wealth creation goal. As I always say making money from equity is simple but not easy. You need to learn to ignore worries of the world. There has always been some problem or another which dominate our mind space. There are very rare spells when nothing bad seems to happen. ‘Buy & hold’ would look easy when the market is going up. The real test comes during these times of corrections. Unless one has very strong emotional control, making money from the market is tough. The 3 key traits required to create wealth are long term orientation, patience and discipline. Time can do wonder to your portfolio and wealth if you learn to ignore volatility. Most people fail because they yield to fear and panic during bad times, act impulsively due to volatility and forget long term picture. India would grow and do very well in the next few decades. This would get reflected on corporate performance and hence stock markets. If you can get this broader picture correct, then why worry about day to day news or short term outlook? Successful investors take a broad view of the future and learn to ignore every day volatility. India has been growing well for last few decades and would continue to scale new heights in the decades to come. Equity is for you only if you have faith in future. As I’ve pointed with data, only a small percentage gets rich from markets. These are the ones who have patience to live through ups and downs, follow investment discipline irrespective of bull and bear markets and stay invested for decade or decades. For most of us, equity is the only way to create financial independence. Equity investing demands lot of emotional maturity. If you have emotional maturity, creating wealth is simple by following few elementary steps. If you don’t have emotional maturity, not only that you would not create wealth but may lose some as well. Getting rich from market has never been easy. I’m trying to ensure that all our clients create huge wealth from markets in the long run. For that I need your co-operation of staying the course ignoring ups and downs. If you can take care of your behaviour, wealth creation would automatically be taken care.

Why Patience is the Key when in comes to achieving your various Goals through investments made!

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Health Insurance and Sound Health both are equally important for a Happy Life!

Yes it is the truth that Health Insurance and Sound Health both is equally important for leading a happy life. When it comes to a stress free life mainly your health and health insurance both plays vital role.

Our nature as a human being is very complicated and the life style now a day is also very complicated. It is the lifestyle which has made our life complicated.

From the very start of our life we are in a state which can be better described with the following phrase in Hindi which goes as “Dauda Dauda Bhagga Bhagga Sa” which means “Always on run to Earn Livelihood” or on a run to self contain once Greed

And the dilemma is that while doing so we forget all the basic values of life particularly how to live life. Resultant being a life full of stress and full of anxieties.

Now it may come to our mind that how can a hectic life give rise to all the problems resulting in stress and anxiety?

 Actually we forget each and every thing when we are deeply involved in our business or profession and in the process of making it big we make our life short. We become so passionate and mad for the particular job and profession or business in which we are and this results in a complete collapse of our health and body when we need it the most. Though we may have a lot of money but money without sound health is no money at all.

Though we have a lot of money when it’s the time to enjoy it after a lot of hard work for years the same is valueless in front of the situation in which we are. And the biggest surprise or the shock of life is that in front of your own eyes all the lavish arrangements being made by you throughout your life are being enjoyed by your domestic help and you remain a helpless spectator to it. This is one thing which can be most commonly seen.

Here I can quote the example of a lot of big businessman and professionals who are having all that they can buy for money but then too they are not happy as now they are not healthy and so the money which they have is just valueless without Sound Health.

Now here one might question than ok health is or must be our priority but what role a health insurance has to play here!

Let me put light to the fact that sound health is somewhere also related to you state of mind. Anything which can give you peace can make you healthier and happier.

And here the role of a health insurance also becomes most relevant.  

And here there is a need to thing and evaluate rightly. Since the very start of our career we should have an adequate health insurance which is a tool that gives Peace of Mind. Health insurance acts as a cushion which gives the feeling of security and thus is helpful in reducing our stress to a larger extent. And in today’s dynamic world where medical costs are on a rise just like all other costs it becomes the most important part of one’s life. One might not take the benefit from it for many years but it definitely works as a social security tool which gives you a great mental strength.

Let me explain this with an example

“It can be compared to a state where you are not carrying your driving license and not wearing a helmet and you come across a policeman and you come across a police man with both the helmet and a license. The body language is itself enough to justify oneself in both the circumstances. And this can be the difference in the level of confidence which one could found in a person having an adequate health insurance and a person without a health insurance.”

Thus we should take adequate care of our health together with all the growth and success which we embrace to achieve in our profession or business.

So now what becomes important is a proper health insurance to take care of all the unforeseen contingencies in which one may fall without having the same.

Both health insurance and proper routine to maintain health should go hand in hand in the entire life cycle of one’s life since you start earning your livelihood or start a business or profession so that both of them never becomes a burdensome affair at times.

Health insurance after proper evaluation of need analysis considering your habits and lifestyle in consultation with an expert financial planner becomes most important here.

Also becomes equally important is planning health in such a way that you never come upon such adverse situations where in you cannot enjoy what you have earned throughout your life and thus living a life of a Beggar having earned the facilities like a King. This is merely because of your least importance to health when the same was required the most.

Hence forth it comes to light that Both Health Insurance and a sound Health is equally important for a Happy Life.

Thanks for spending your time in reading this Blog of mine. Do comment below which would encourage me to write more.

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